New Beginnings

Baby bird in his nest. Reminds me of the beginnings of my mixed media art career.
Baby Bobble Head Birdie-lives in my parents dead fern.

Fledgling Art Career

I feel like a fledgling. Like a baby bird who just hatched out of her dormant little egg. I am hoping that like a baby bird my art career won’t get put back in its shell . Instead it will continue to grow, gaining real feathers and loosing that awkward bobble head look. It will slowly gain grace and poise until one day it begins to fly. Maybe that is a cliché way of looking at it. But with all the recent progress that’s been made I am really optimistic. In the past few weeks I have been accepted to three art shows, been told my  “Bloomingstackers” will be featured in Art Doll Quarterly, gotten my paper work straight and compiled a great list of shows to apply to through out next year. Like a little baby bird, the world seems full of possibility and great potential!

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