Art Show in Banner Elk, NC

Me and our camping tent
Me and the Teepee

I did a show in beautiful Banner Elk, NC this weekend. It wasn’t the most lucrative show but a few Bloomingstackers and the mixed media piece “Merry-Go-Round” found new homes. Plus I had a great time. The vendors at this show were a lot of fun to hang out with, so whether I was selling or not I was enjoying myself. My husband and I also got to try out our new camping equipment and decided we love our new Teepee. There was plenty of room, it was easy to set up and take down and of course it doesn’t get much cooler than a Teepee! Our camp site was next to a little stream with no one else around-by far the best camp site we have had in a while. Unfortunately we didn’t get to spend as much time in camp as we would have liked but we were either working, going to Boone for a night out or driving back home…so not much time left for hanging out at the camp.

We did have some rain on Saturday and unfortunately my tent decided in wanted to leak this show. So there was some scrambling to move things around, but no lasting damage. We lucked out Sunday and the clouds split around us leaving us cloudy but dry. The drive home was not so dry. We drove through the worst storm I have ever ridden in. The rain was blinding, but the lightning was so frequent it was like a strobe light. It felt like being in a mobile dance club with the windshield wipers in slow motion instead of dance moves. I think God was throwing a rave.
So it was a good weekend. I sold some things, made some great contacts and survived the deluge of August 21, 2011.
My tent at Banner Elk's Fine Art and Master Crafts Festival
Tent at Banner Elk
The Teepee
The Teepee
Cloudy Pic-Nic
Cloudy Pic-nic
Me and the Stream
The Stream


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