Bloomingstacker of the Day

Hand sculpted, hand painted polymer clay bloomingstacker.
Bloomingstacker # 41

Bloomingstacker #41- Bloomingstacker #41 is a joker. He loves to dress up and jump out at passersby. What makes a better practical joke than turning oneself into a jack-o-lantern! He really can’t help it. There are so many pumpkins just laying around in fields this time of year. He does not want them to go to waste either. So he can’t wait for Halloween to dress up. Plus that is only one day of the year. He can’t see why he should confine his enthusiasm to just one day when there are 364 other days he could be having fun. Only one thing could make him even more enthusiastic, getting a home and a name of his own.

Hand sculpted, Hand painted polymer clay Bloomingstacker
Bloomingstacker #41 detail


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