Bloomingstacker of the Day

Bloomingstacker #53
Bloomingstacker #53

Bloomingstacker #53

Nice to meet you. I am Bloomingstacker #53. I hope you have had a nice day. It’s fall so at least one thing went right. I like fall because I can wear my leaf masks and pretend I am a super hero for a day. One of my favorite games is to romp through the fallen leaves pretending I can fly to the rescue of any bird, beast, snail or bug that needs my help! Buuut, without my leaf mask I am pretty shy and quiet. I only move turtles off the road and snails off of side walks without it. I guess that’s heroic to them though……maybe I don’t have to have my mask to do great things!

Bloomingstacker #53-detail
Bloomingstacker #53 -detail

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