More Puppets!

Puppet #2
Puppet #2

Since I decided I was going to keep my first puppet, it only follows that I make a few more to take with me to the Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival this weekend. Otherwise I think it is just selfish to not give someone else a chance to have a puppet:)

These two little guys gave me some trouble though. I had a few engineering snafoos, and had to redo a couple of things, but I think I have finalized the construction aspect. I spent a great part of Saturday and a lot of Sunday working on them. I think I got in a little too deep. I couldn’t pull myself away until I had finished them! But thankfully I wasn’t so stubborn as to miss our weekend commitments…I just started working on them as soon as I woke up until I had to put them  down.


Puppet #3
Puppet #3

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