Port Warwick Show

Booth set up at Port Warwick art and sculpture festival.
Booth Set Up

Well I am back from the Port Warwick show. For the past two years this has been my best show. This year unfortunately did not continue the trend. Some Bloomingstackers and a few birdies and bees found new homes, but no pictures left for new horizons. It was a great crowd this year though. I throughly enjoyed talking with everyone. Some shows it is like pulling teeth to get anyone to even say hello. I am happy to report that was not an issue! People were interested, engaged and very friendly. So despite the lack of sales it was an enjoyable show. A couple of people even told me I should have at least won an award this year:) The vendors I talked to this year were a lot of fun too. I had a great time talking and/or commiserating with the artists around my booth and at the artist dinner Saturday night.

Even though I enjoyed the show I can not say that I wasn’t disappointed in the meager sales. It definitely was disheartening, especially because of the success of the last two years. I have previously counted on this show for the funds to continue through the year. My success meter took a bit of a beating and it took a little more gumption to shake off the emotion dust. But I am working on it:) I still have three more shows before the end of the year. Three shows in some fairly large cities for NC-so I am going to keep on keeping on. Pinning all my hopes for this year on these last three shows.

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