Well I am back from the Charlotte show and a good show it was! I must say that I was quite worried on Friday. It was so windy and rainy that the tent would not stay up, the walls kept getting blown over and there was no chance of taking any art out of the truck. But a couple of trips to Dick’s Sporting Goods and we managed to stake the tent down. We couldn’t put up any sides because of the wind and we ended up just laying the walls down in the middle. We were apprehensive when we pulled up Saturday morning, but everything was still there! That’s when the freezing work began. It was in the 30’s-40’s—I think it felt more like the 20’s. I had worn my rubber boots for the dew not remembering how cold they were. My toe’s haven’t hurt that bad in a long time! So finally I broke down and made another trip to Dick’s. I was planning on just buying some thick woolen socks-but I found a pair of fuzzy boots that mom and I couldn’t resist.

Our fuzzy boots
Our fuzzy Boots!

I am still convinced that was one of the best investments I have made in my personal happiness in a long time:) But it warmed up on Sunday, there was no rain, and nothing blew over. So I can’t complain. But other than the weather it was a good show too. Three pictures and 8 Bloomingstackers found new homes. The crowd was not very numerous but they were very appreciative. I enjoyed talking with everyone that stopped by!

These are the Bloomingstackers and some of the pictures that found a new home!



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