Bloomingstacker of the Day

These Bloomingstackers were sold before I could ever feature them on the blog. So that didn’t seem fair to them. I thought they all still deserved a little lime light. So here they are!
Bloomingstacker #58
Bloomingstacker #58

#58-When the air turns cold and the leaves are

gone it’s time for the holly to shine. Bloomingstacker #58 takes great delight in decorating his hat with this cheerful greenery. Many people see winter as dreary and gray, but not him. He loves coming into a warm house after tramping in the cold outdoors to examine the muted colors of frost on winter flowers. He especially loves being a part of the holiday season’s boisterous family dinners. His favorite part being laughing and telling stories in front of a glowing fire. The one thing that would complete his holiday enjoyment would be getting a name of his own.



Bloomingstacker #60
Bloomingstacker #60
 #60-Hi. I’m Bloomingstaffer’s #60. I reeally like Chrifmas. It’s my ffaborit. I hope you like it too. I reeally like those sweet fings with the swirly colors. Candy wakers, no that’s not it. Candy staffs? Nope, not that eifer. Oh, oh, it’s Candy Cane. Yep, yep. Those are my faborit. Candy Canes. I efen habe a hat that looks like one. Did you see it? It’s got a bell and eberyting. But I would like to habe a family and a real name for Chrifmas the most. So if you would like a happy Bloomingstaffer around the house I would be happy to come wif you.
Bloomingstacker #61
Bloomingstacker #61
#61-Bloomingstacker #61 is a very friendly little guy. He loves to meander among the mushrooms, admiring their subtle colors and interesting shapes. He even likes to grow the baby mushrooms on his hat until they are big enough to transplant. He would love to have a family with which to share his knowledge of mushrooms. Plus with his big genuine grin and his infectious delight in the world around him who wouldn’t want to take him home and give him name. 
Bloomingstacker #63
Bloomingstacker #63

 #63-Star light, star bright only star to smile all night. She wishes she may, she wishes she might sit atop the tree tonight. She sewed her costume with much care, using scraps that she could spare. She hopes to shine at the top of the tree because that’s where joy is easiest to see. She has a heart bigger than the rest, but she is small none-the-less. So give her a hand while she is climbing and for you she’ll never quit shinning.

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