Bloomingstacker of the Day


Bloomingstacker #62
Bloomingstacker #62

#62- When the snow falls and the world becomes a blank page Bloomingstacker #62 comes to call. He whirls through the flurries like a feather in the breeze; jumping and twirling and spinning with ease. Sometimes he swirls as fast as he pleases, so don’t blink or you’ll mistake him for the passing breezes. But take him home and give him a name, and you’ll be included in his game. Together you’ll dance through the shifting snow, whirling with faces all aglow.


Bloomingstacker #62
Bloomingstacker #62

One thought on “Bloomingstacker of the Day

  1. I adore this little guy; so festive and Christmassy.

    I love the description you have accompanying him also.

    Your work is clever, inspiring, whimsical and very warming to the soul… I feel jolly when on your blog 🙂

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