Gallery Representation

Well my trip to Wilmington on Tuesday was great. I brought work to Figments gallery as well as Checker Cab Productions. Each venue was different but they were both really cool. I would characterize Figments as a little more whimsical and Checker Cab as more edgy. But I think my work fits well in both places. Most of my work is at Figments but I hope to create more work for Checker Cab as well. Figments currently is representing all my Bloomingstackers as well. So I will have to start creating more! But it is great to know that for my off-season (I don’t have any more shows until the spring) my work can still be accessible to a new crowd. Plus it’s nice to have a bunch of extra space where I usually store my artworks because it makes me feel like I need to create more pieces!

Check out the galleries at:

Some of the pieces at the galleries

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