Christmas Travels

Well we had quite a busy Christmas season. In two weeks we went from North Carolina to Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Gorgia. It was great to see everyone but I don’t want to drive anywhere else for awhile:) All that driving means I haven’t worked on anything in awhile. But I did take some photographs along the way. I have to do something to keep the artistic juices flowing. I haven’t been taking many photographs recently so it was nice to have a chance to take some.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Travels

  1. I loved all your images; they each made me feel nice in different ways… the 3rd image along gave me a snug feeling, as if I’m looking out a window curled up in the warmth. The 7th and 8th made me feel festive. The 21st-23rd made my feel that first scratching of Spring (I know, a little on the early side)… They all are unique and wonderful 🙂

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