Christmas Bloomingstacker

I made a couple special Bloomingstackers for Christmas presents this year. I made one for my parents and one for a special family friend. I of course forgot to take pictures of them before I gave them away. But my parents sent me a couple of pictures of him.


They have been the only people to tell me what they have named their Bloomingstacker! He was dubbed “Bobo de la Court” this is his story

This little guy

Has a twinkle in his eye

A laugh on his lip

And a joke to quip.

His grin is quite toothy,

His face is most goofy.

Every story is spun

To sound like more fun.

With a glass half full

And a finger to pull,

He lives his life

With little strife.

Because if you wear a grin

The frowns can’t come in.

Your worries are lost

With almost no cost.

He wants us to see

What life can be,

When humor is sought

And laughter is caught!

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