Bloomer of the Day

Bloomingstacker #79
Bloomingstacker #79

#79- Have you ever wondered how a morning-glory knows when it’s time to wake up? Science may say it has something to do with the sun’s rays and photosynthasis…but that’s only because they are too narrow-minded to recognize the real reason. In all actuality it is because Bloomingstacker #79 has taken it upon himself to wake them up in the morning. He knows how much they hate being late to greet the sun. And since they are his favorite flowers so he does everything he can to make them happy. Most awake easily enough with a soft word. But for those stubborn flowers who just can’t seem to open up, Snail is sent in to help. He crawls around until they are all awake. But if you take him home and give him a name don’t worry, he won’t be your alarm clock. He promises he and Snail will only wake up the morning glories and leave everyone else to sleep peacefully

Bloomingstacker #79
Bloomingstacker #79

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