More iphone photos

I used to take pictures all the time. I would photograph things just to see what they would look like photographed. But over the past couple years that enthusiasm had ebbed away. There were things I knew I still wanted to photograph, but I just wasn’t happy with the results. I wanted to do more creative photography. Something with more of a nostalgic feeling. Mainly because a lot of the photographs I wanted to make were of objects I had grown up around. My parents are antique dealers so I grew up surrounded, at home and at work, by what my mom and I call “neat stuff.” Little trinkets and tokens of an other age; old toys, jewelry, Victorian baubles, memorabilia and the small fineries in which we no longer invest. But when I view this “stuff” I am viewing the soul of my childhood. An old soul, filled with age, mystery and memory. My childhood had a soul of history. Not fact and date history (my catch phrase for dating is “it’s got some age to it,” which drives my husband crazy) but an emotional history in which thousands have participated. Every neat object had a prior owner, some other person who connected with and invested some portion of their time to it. Do I think about all these prior owners when I look at these objects? No. Not really. Consciously I think, “I remember this, I always liked it.” But there is an emotional connection to these objects resulting from more than just interest. They really do have soul.

It is all these layers of history, emotion and nostalgia that I wanted to try to capture in photographs. I find it a little ironic that an iphone ap has invested the images with some of the soul I was looking for. A new technology to jump-start the creativity of some one who loves old.

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