Alphabet Series

I have always wanted to do an alphabet series. Since I started with my animal paintings I thought it would be cool to do an animal alphabet series. I know there are a lot of them out there, so I wanted to pick some non-traditional animals to mix in with a few more easily recognized animals.  I have been working on it the past month or so and have a few letters done. But I would like some feed back as to what people think of it.  I do not want to spend a lot of time working on this if it is something only I would enjoy…seeing as I need to worry about the business side of creation as well. So any thoughts on an alphabet with an Aardvark, Blue Footed Boobie, and Echidna. Is it too weird for kids and too kid like for adults? Or is it just a cool alphabet with neat animals?


3 thoughts on “Alphabet Series

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