Alphabet series continues

I usually don’t like to post half finished pieces, but I have been working on my alphabet series in stages, so I don’t have any completely finishes pieces yet. But I thought I would post some of my progress. I have been painting, drawing or gluing for 13-16 hours a day for the last oh…week I guess. R-raccoon, Q-quail, T-turtle, F-fox, and all my pieces I have done in the past 4 days!






2 thoughts on “Alphabet series continues

  1. Lovely paintings. The raccoon reminds me of a Provensen illustration from my childhood The animal fair?

    Btw. Are you aware that adding too many tags means the post does not show up in the tag reader, except in “Blogs I follow”? I think 12 is the limit, don’t know whether categories count too.

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