Great Show!

Well I am happy to say the show was great! Everyone was friendly, interested and just plain enjoyable. So thank you Blowing Rock for being one of the best towns I have done a show at! It was also a good show for sales as well! Tin Circus, In the Woods, Air Mail and some Bloomingstackers found new homes as did lots of prints. So thanks again to everyone who took a piece home!

Getting to the show in the morning was a little more difficult. An art show’s arch nemesis, rain, was pouring down discomfort and confusion. We were camping in a leaky tent, rushing to a bath house shower at 4:45am before the thunder started again, missing turns on dark mountain roads and then, half way down the dark, foggy, twisted, nausea inducing route (which I picked) we came to…


A large tree across the road. Yep, we had to then do a thirty point turn while trying to not fall off the side of the mountain. Go back the twisted, foggy road and take another route (the route I should have picked to begin with).

And the trials were not over yet. We checked in, squeezed in next to our spot and discovered a bike rack bolted to the asphalt in the middle of the booth space. I thought surly this 10×10 square with a 3′ bike rack can not be a designated booth. I looked to the left, booth 17, looked right, booth 15, I looked down at my placard, booth 16. Apparently the rack was a recent addition, I had the honor of first discovering it. But in the spirt of the trip we persevered! We build our tent around it the best we could and carried on!

But while we were pushing through, I got in a fight with my tent…


My tent was the decided winner. Unfortunately steel tends to win again skin every time. But despite these harrowing set backs we managed to display our wares!


We must have gotten all the kinks out early on in the day. It did not rain on us again, and it ended up being, as I said, a great show. Blowing rock I’ll see you again in September!

2 thoughts on “Great Show!

  1. Glad you had a great show! We already have our circus piece hung. It was fun meeting you and wish you all the best!

    Karen & Tim Ramsey

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