September Blowing Rock Show

Well this trip was interesting. It was just as full of “adventure” and by that I mean difficulties as the last show. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good a show as last month to help off set the little adventures. My mom came with me to help this time, so that was fun. If it would have been just me …I cringe to think. The trip started off with a few hours of truck packing, followed by 4 hours of driving.


We stayed in a little cabin at a camp ground. It was very charming on the outside, and pretty cute on the inside if you ignored the horribly musty smell, ripped up plastic sheets and the over all feeling of grunge….(Oh, and what ever gnawing critter was in the ceiling when it got dark)

But after a trip to Walmart for some plastic sheets and Lysol we felt quite cozy. But that cozy feeling didn’t translate into sleep for either one of us. I think between the two of us we managed 2-3 hrs of light z’s. So when 4 am started beeping we weren’t sure if we had slept or not. But we had work to do- dark circles be damned!

After about three hours of set up…


They had been calling for rain and it blew in about 1:30. It would sprinkle and quit, sprinkle and quit. But at about 3:30 the wind picked up and the rain got heavier. My tent proved itself that afternoon. I zipped up and rode out the storm with no damage and no scrambling. The rain was very considerate though. It didn’t rain on us while we were packing up…which of course took longer than normal.

So a few cold and damp hours later, two chilled, sore, exhausted, and financially unsuccessful women went looking for pizza, beer and bed. But the adventures weren’t over yet. I was teaching my mom how to use an iPhone, so for practice I told her to find a Papa John’s and order a carry out pizza. She found one on a street we recognized….it was just in the wrong town. Oops. But we cancelled that order and finally found some pizza in the same town we were.

So we ate our pizza, drank about half a beer and promptly fell asleep:)

Despite being a difficult show it was still nice to share my work and talk with the people who stopped by. A big thanks to everyone who took home some prints, I very much appreciate it!

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