Well, what can I say…horrible show! Just plain bad. I love when I do a show just to lose money (insert sarcasm). Not many people out, hardly anyone buying anything from anyone and just not a lot of interest either. My new mouse (Take the Time) and new little frog (Amphibian Spectacles) did find a new home though. l almost had a bidding war for Take the Time:) Such a popular little guy! I knew I really liked him.
I did get to deliver a few pieces to some of my best clients, who are always fun to talk with! They were the highlight of the show. Unfortunately that was early on Saturday and I still had the rest of Saturday and Sunday to sit through:) I did have my brother to keep me company though. Although he was either reading or going to the movies without me….hmmm…he was a big help:)


Charleston itself was pretty neat. We had a little time on Sunday morning to go downtown and be touristy. We walked along the battery looking at the incredible houses, enjoying the morning sunlight through the twisty oaks and we found an incredible breakfast place.



This breakfast place called “Toast” had the best grits I have ever eaten! And I have tried many a grit. These must be what they had in the great southern houses of yore. When cooking was an all day event, and dining was meant to be decadent. All other grits will simply be cheap imitations from now on. The biscuit was the size of at least two normal biscuits. It was the lightest fluffiest biscuit, not a hint of grease to be found. My husband is the biscuit connoisseur-seriously. His nick name is Biscuit, he single handedly keeps three Hardee’s in business-so I am a second hand biscuit aficionado. I get all the knowledge but half the cholesterol. And at the risk of being disowned by him for putting anything ahead of Hardee’s, it was the best biscuit I have ever had the pleasure of over stuffing myself with.


After over eating we headed back to the show. Sunday was particularly slow. I got to wander around and look at other people’s art. There was some nice art! But the end of the day could not come soon enough. Well actually, the dark came sooner than it had the day before. Since day light saving time kicked in we were loading up in the dark. But the dark didn’t stay that way-toward the end of break down flashes of lightning began battling the dark. Bolts and flashes alike were rending the blackness and moving closer. Lightning is a great motivator, especially when those on the ground have to tie large metal mesh walls on top of a pickup. With thunder rumbling around us we finished tying up everything, hoped in the truck, drove three minutes down the road and then the sky let loose. Narrowly avoiding that deluge made me nearly giddy. I kept high fiving my brother and congratulating us on our timing!:)

I was also very happy to be staying in a cabin and not a tent! So we were toasty and dry all night.


So while the show was…horrible…as always it could have been worse. It could have been horrible and wet!

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