Report: Charlotte Show

Silverado Steed
Silverado Steed

The day is Friday. The time: afternoon.  The Silverado steed is loaded up, clouds are rolling in and the gypsy art duo is on the move again. As we nervously check and recheck the weather report for Huntersville, NC we make fervent prayers to the art show gods and hit the pavement rolling. On todays agenda a paltry 3 1/2 hour ride. Compared to the 7 hours of the weekend before this drive should fly by. Should being the key word. Ok, well it wasn’t as bad as the drive to Georgia but we did hit some stand still traffic on the interstate and then managed to get caught in workman’s traffic in the middle of Charlotte while trying to get to the hotel. But I must not complain, for as we pulled up under the roof of our hotel the heaven’s let loose. However we were now sheltered and stationary with Chinese delivery to insure we didn’t have to leave those comforts. It could rain as much as it wished-until we needed to set up in the morning that is.

We rose before dawn. Even more importantly we rose before the continental breakfast was prepared. So we ventured into the dark unknown unfed and caffeine free to hock our wares. But there was comfort waiting amongst the darkened stores surrounding our arena.  Directly across from my staked 12’x12′ claim shone the bright lights of…a STARBUCKS! We were saved. Even if the show was a bust it would not be a total loss.

It was actually a better than normal booth spot. I had an open side to display more pieces. I was actually in the middle of the show instead of being stuck at the end like I some how usually manage to be. Plus we could drive right up to our spot for unloading. And did I mention there was a Starbucks? I mean how bad could this show be?

It really wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great but I got to see some of my favorite repeat customers. Some pieces found new homes and I didn’t lose money. So not bad. Saturday sales were pretty good, but Sunday didn’t see much action. But thanks to everyone who came out and showed interest. And as always a big thank you to those who took home pieces. I couldn’t do what I do without you!


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