Cary Show

Well I am a little behind with my show report. I have been a bit busy with a long awaited homecoming! But I am trying to get caught up!

Well the Cary show presented some unique challenges this year. It was a one day show that only allows for set up the morning of the show. So it started out dark and early.

dark and early
dark and early

I was also without a trusty side kick. My mom went home and my husband was not home. So me myself and I had a big job ahead of us. But we managed. There were also some volunteers to help unload and some neighbors helped me move my tent around. So I wan’t completely on my own. Technically we were suppose to wait until 8am to move our tents to the road and set up, but there was absolutely no way I could set up in an hour, so some creative encroachment onto the pavement was in order. But I still stayed out of the way…But 9 am rolled around and I was set up and ready for business. There were a few less frills to the tent-but I still think it looked

There were a ton of people out as well. I usually stand in front of my tent and talk to people, but the momentum of the crowd made that impossible. There was a strong current of people and I did not want to try and be the rock they broke against. So I stayed out back or in my tent. Amongst that flood of people were some great return customers. As always it is nice to see y’all! I also met lots of new customers as well. One little girl that stopped by had received a print last year. She could tell me all about how I did it and the homework papers I had used. So I showed her some of my new pieces and told her about those. About an hour later she came in with her dad and was telling him all about my new pieces and the letters I used. She was probably about 7-and I think sold my work better than I did:)

So it was an enjoyable show. It is nice to do local shows, apart from there being a lot less in expenses it somehow feels a bit more homey. That doesn’t negate all the work that goes into set up and breakdown but there is an atmosphere of neighborliness that goes into a local show. And solo breakdown didn’t take me much longer than when I have help. But I was rolling! I think I scared the volunteers off a bit with my pace:) But they were great at helping me load the truck! I will say I might have packed up in the same amount of time but I was 4 times as sore as I usually am the next day-ouch!

It was a decent show as well. Eggbert and Otis found new homes that day. Barnabas got to follow Otis home a couple days later and a few Bloomers with numerous prints all got a place to hang out as well. So thanks Cary, I enjoyed it very much. See you this summer for Lazy Daze!



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