Art in the Park

Rain rain go away….It has been raining for I think the last year….ok maybe that’s just what it feels like. But it had been raining for about the last three weeks and didn’t look to be letting up anytime soon. This was the view out my back window the afternoon we left for the show.

Rain, rain go away
Rain, rain go away

I try to be a positive person, however I must admit that all hope for the show had been squashed. Squashed, squished and then left outside to drown. But the drive was better than expected. Only a few spotty showers. We checked into the hotel with few problems, found an interesting spot for dinner and ate out on a (luckily) covered patio. About halfway through dinner the sky let loose turing our meal into dinner and a nature show. Complete with rolling thunder soundtrack and lightning pyrotechnics. There is nothing quite like violent weather to make you feel very thankful for shelter. I think we are more familiar with how great food and drink are when we are hungry or thirsty. But we get less chances to appreciate the protection of shelter. Shelter by its very nature masks the power it protects us from. So being both outside to experience the storm’s power but still protected from it made me very aware of how important and comforting shelter is. Plus the storm gave us an excuse to stay at the restaurant and have dessert!

We also had the good fortune to be in town the same weekend as the Highland Games. We didn’t get to attend, but we did get a preview of the dancing…all night. Either that or there was a herd of elephants doing the ballet in the room above ours. Either way, when 5am rolled around we didn’t feel all that well rested. But the show must go on! Set up was pretty standard and there was not much rain!!

Set up
Set up

It wasn’t a great show, but I did sell Sir Oscar and some prints. So as always thanks to those who took home pieces. Couldn’t keep creating without you! This show also provided a milestone in my art show career. I finally got a ribbon!!! I must say I was pretty excited about that. An honorable mention for the booth!

IMG_8433It was a good crowd as well. I enjoyed meeting everyone at the show. One set of young twins in particular named… Jake and Katie! So I have had two sets of Jake’s and Katie’s in my booth at one time. Not something that happens every day 🙂

Packing up went smoothly and then we headed to dinner. My dinner outfit was quite an achievement in odd. I got a lot of looks even though we were at a BBQ joint.

photo-28 I discovered that there are three different art show outfits. There is the set up outfit, the show outfit, and the breakdown outfit. The set up outfit is a standard t-shirt and shorts with usually crocks or beat up tennis shoes. The show outfit is always dressy in my weird sort of way. But then there is the breakdown outfit. The breakdown outfit is always changed into while in the booth. So it is a combination of the “show clothes” that can not be removed easily or decently with the addition of the “set up” clothes. Unfortunately the “break down” outfit is usually my dinner outfit as well. So I have trekked into many a restaurant dirty, sweaty, usually slightly bruised and wearing purple tights, combat boots, ridiculously long cut off shorts and two shirts.   But dinner was great despite the eyeing I had to endure. It was one of those great BBQ places where the seats, floor and walls are all pork scented wood. The pictures are all of pigs and pig like things. And you can barely hear the person you came to dinner with because it is packed with people noisily enjoying themselves. There was even live country music played by a man with a guitar, one amp, and a stool. His amp even stopped working at one point and he fixed it by violently thumping the top. It was very picturesque:) Don’t get me wrong, he had a great voice and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him! He even inspired us to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway with a song about those mysterious lights that science can not explain. But I will save that story for another post. This one has run on quite long enough:)

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