Another Award!!

It was another Blowing Rock weekend, and for the first time in…oh a long time, it was sunny!! What a difference a nice day makes. This was a throughly enjoyable show. It still started with a four hour drive in the dark the night before and getting up way before the sun to wrestle with a large metal and canvas jigsaw puzzle. But the energy of the crowd kept me awake and engaged far more than the coffee. I really enjoyed talking with everyone and sharing what it is I do and why. So my thanks to Blowing Rock for being interested in my work, process and inspiration and allowing me to share my passion with them.

I was in for a great surprise half way through the day. I won the Best of Show award!



This is the highest award for the show and came with a monetary prize! So I was absolutely thrilled. (It quite overshadowed my horrible post set up humidity hair:)) And to add more frosting to the cake three pieces and many prints found new homes. Dress to Impress, Flowers and Showers and Wilfred were sold!

So a good show was followed by good beer and good BBQ. Thanks Blowing Rock!

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