Festival in the Park-part 2

Saturday dawned, cooler and cloudier. The forecast had been calling for rain all week and mother nature did not disappoint. It drizzled all day. But surprisingly there were still many people out and about. So a big thanks to Charlotte for not letting a little rain ruin their (or my) day!:) I sold some prints and “Where too?” found a new home! But before it went to it’s new home it won an honorable mention ribbon!! (Picture taken on Sunday-hence the sun.)IMG_0250The judge was great, he actually talked with me and asked about my inspiration! That doesn’t always happen.

The day slowed down with the sun. Once the drizzle turned into steady rain the day was over. The only problem was we were scheduled to stay until 9:30. So we watched as tent lights went out one by one. At about 8:30 we decided we didn’t need to be the only people still there. So we slowly closed up with the last straggling vendors. By then it was pouring. And guess where my umbrella was? Yep, the truck.  So with my purse and bag in trash bags I began my long trudge. Needless to say I got soaked. Forget taking a shower with my clothes on-I looked like I jumped in a pool and went swimming all day in them. There were little rivers running down the sidewalks and it was just so absurd that I started heartily laughing. I probably looked a little crazy, ok a lot crazy. But the best part of the whole trudge occurred right as I made it to the first parking lot. There I was dripping and hunched against the cold, walking in the pouring rain and two women in rain gear asked me if there were any vendors left. I replied, “No we are all going home,” in the politest voice I could manage. I think there was still a slight edge, ok maybe a heavy edge of incredulity. But apparently my answer wasn’t good enough. I heard them ask a security person in a golf cart the same question about five seconds after I gave them an answer. Just in case anyone is wondering, he also told them no. So I got a chuckle out of that. And just to prove I wasn’t making any of this up…

IMG_0243-1_edited-1                                                 Me once I got to the truck:)

The drive to the hotel was a little harrowing with the amount of rain that was coming down, but I made it:) I didn’t get much more sleep than the night before but I went to bed optimistic for the day to come! To be continued…(only one more I promise:)

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