Festival in the Park-part 3

Ok this is the final report on the Charlotte show, I promise! Well the first two days of the show provided the comical mayhem, Sunday turned out to be a great day. It was sunny, a wonderful temperature and people came out and bought art! “The Flame,” “Edward the Rhino,” and “Pumpkin Pie” all found new homes on Sunday, as did many prints.

The Flame
Pumpkin Pie is an original mixed media painting done with watercolor over vintage letters from the 1950's. It measures 10"x8" and is framed in a black frame with white matting. $165.00-sold
Pumpkin Pie 
mixed media art print
Edward the Rhino

We knew that this was Edward’s show. Almost everyone that walked by the tent commented on him. It is really funny how certain pieces will be very popular at some shows and nobody will comment on it at others. But this was Edwards weekend:)

So a big thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday (Friday and Saturday too) I enjoyed not only making some sales, but talking with everyone as well. This was a really friendly crowd. It makes shows a lot more fun when you get to meet neat people. I also had a great cashier for this show! So a big thanks to my show buddy who was swiping cards, making change and writing receipts in much better handwriting than I usually do:)

Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a few snafus though:) Breakdown was not the smoothest or speediest of procedures. I did manage to miss a turn and pick a restaurant parking lot to turn around in that was so narrow and full of cars that I could not turn around. So instead I got to back out of said long, narrow and crowded driveway onto the main road. There was a lot of praying involved in that process. Once that mini catastrophe was over I found my way to the long line of vehicles waiting to get into the park. They allowed a few trucks at a time in so waiting was the name of the game. But we did finally get packed up.

We decided on a sit down dinner for fortitude-we still had over a three hour drive home. So at about 9:30 we finally got on the road. The radio station seemed to know I needed to stay awake. It played song after song I could sing along with. But since I was singing along with hard rock songs, very very loudly-I was hoarse the next morning:) Yep I sang/yelled myself hoarse on the ride home. But it kept me awake!

So thank you Charlotte! It was an eventful, exhausting but fun show:) I have spent the last couple days recuperating and I think I am almost back to full strength. I am happy to get to stay home this weekend. But I will back in Blowing Rock next weekend!

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