Last Blowing Rock Show of the Season

Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock, we love the area, the people are great but the sales this month were pretty scarce. A few prints did find new homes but nothing else. Set up was pretty usual, early and dark! But we made good time. My poor husband spent a large part of the morning arguing with my tent. I think it was punishing him for missing the last couple of shows. It eventually got tired of being ornery or maybe he simply argued it into submission but they finally made peace. The tent let him put all the walls up and shaded him for a quick nap.


We had great weather but it was a pretty slow day. I was afraid I was going to dislocate my jaw from all the yawning that afternoon. And I was not alone. Many of the other artists around were having the same problem. So we tried to stay entertained by dancing at each other across the aisle, telling jokes and wandering in and out of everyone else’s tents. If you are going to be bored you might as well be in good company:)

Other than the show being slow we had a great weekend. It turned into a mini vacation. Some of our friends from church have a great home near Banner Elk so we spent the art show free time sampling local pizza and BBQ, listening to local music, stargazing, hiking to a beautiful waterfall,


fishing and spending quality time with some great people and their dog:) This trip really reinforced why we love visiting the area! I do wish I had sold more, but I have one more show this year in Newport News, Va. So hopefully I can make some sales there!

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