Port (Squish) Warwick

I was hoping to end my 2013 festival season with a bang, mother nature however wanted to hear splashing, squishing and squashing. We spent the majority of the weekend hiding in our tent trying to stay dryIMG950396

or venturing out to our neighbors booths to commiserate about our bad luck and lack of sales. Rubber boots were a must as the grassy square quickly became a quagmire.


I thought our area was bad until I walked to the other end of the row. Our 1/4″ water and mud seemed downright solid when compared to the inches of shoe stealing muck other artists had to deal with. Occasionally the grass isn’t greener on the other side, it is muddier! So we were lucky in that respect. Saturday’s precipitation was rather odd. It did rain at some points, but for most of the day there was a constant misting that was easily blown around by the wind. By 2pm it seemed like quitting time was a fabled mythical thing of which we soggy artists could only dream. But 6pm did finally come. So we all trekked over to the artist dinner where we could drink and eat our sorrows into submission. The dinner as always was very tasty. Port Warwick has always had great artist hospitality!

Sunday was a bit drier, but the damage had been done. IMG950402The crowds never did come out in force. Most of us hung in there until in began to rain harder in the afternoon and the aisles were simply un-utilized slip and slides. We began to break down about 3pm trying to move our boxes of art between rain showers. I may have managed to pack everything in my Tardis to get to the show, but I need a little work on packing everything up in a rain storm. Luckily mom brought her Tahoe so we didn’t have to worry about playing jig-saw puzzle in the rain.

But despite the horrible weather I had many friends come out to visit me. So a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by! Y’all were truly the highlight of the show and kept me going. And as always we tried to keep a good attitude by keeping ourselves entertained-this is a photograph entitled “Slow Susie.” Title credit going to my husband.


And despite the rain prints, two canvas Toad Time prints, and the piece “Dinner Guests” found new homes. So thanks everyone who took something home!

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