Charles Dickens Christmas

Cold Cold Cold!! I am an admitted whimp when it comes to cold temperatures. So a day spent in mostly 40 degree weather in not my idea of a great time. But we artists preserver. The event itself was pretty neat. There were lots of vendors and attendees dressed in Victorian garb, horse drawn carriages, Santa and the grand illumination of downtown Fayetteville.IMG_0654 IMG_0661 IMG_0656 IMG_0649 IMG_0647-1 IMG_0646-1 Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of my husband and I, although there were quite a few people who took our photos. So I think we did a good job of dressing up:) Unfortunately the sales were as low as the temperature. It was enjoyable to talk with many nice people and actually be able to answer the “are you local” question with yes! So maybe there will be some after show sales.

But it would be a very nice event to attend, I just don’t think it will be an event that I set up at again.

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