For the Birds

I have been putting off writing my first blog post because I wanted to have something “good” to post. I have the same problem when starting new journals-I guess I am intimidated by blank first pages. But the whole journal stays blank if you never get past the first page. So here it goes the first post of the new year.

I like to create. This makes my ideal version of a vacation very much like everyday I get to work in my studio with a few tweaks. My vacation creations are done with no concerns for business, no concerns for pushing myself artistically, no interruptions for vacuuming or laundry and with no pressure. So on vacation I get to create whatever I want. This vacation led me to realize (not for the first time) that birds are my thing. When left to my own devices I like to draw and paint birds. So here are a few of the “vacation sketches” that I have painted. There are more to come but I must say I really love them and look forward to finishing the rest of the series! (Not great photos yet, I will have better pictures soon)

994428_684882244897915_1908422981_n 1535464_681795931873213_1747902205_n 1546261_684801954905944_1242928738_n 1546317_684280728291400_1322085413_n 1604840_683346561718150_711505036_n


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