Courage to Create



I posted this “blurb” on my facebook page this morning not to be a declaration of insecurity but as an encouragement to all who create.

With out a whole back story a friend of mine recently said the phrase “the courage to create” and it started me thinking about my creation process. Sometimes(or many times) I don’t feel very courageous in my creating. Instead I feel a bit anxious with every new piece I start. I am one of those fear of failure type people, so with every piece I am afraid that it won’t be good enough, won’t measure up to people’s expectations, won’t be what I had hoped. And that is just with pieces I think up. That anxiety and fear grows exponentially with commission pieces. But as many have said courage is not the absence of fear, it’s being afraid and “saddling up anyway.” I have never really thought of my art career as a job in which I confront my fears daily-especially when I look at some of the brave men and women around me. But every day I go into the studio and try to create something out of nothing I am facing one of my biggest fears-failure. So today I am going to create, not fearlessly but with courage.



2 thoughts on “Courage to Create

  1. This sort of fear is crippling, I know this from my own personal experience, so reading anything about people fighting past or even overcoming this fear is a sure good. I’m happy to have read this blurb, thank you for posting it.

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