Show Report

Thanks Huntersville! It turned out to be a pretty good show this weekend. Saturday started off a bit over cast and we did have a little rain and some unsettling wind gusts in the afternoon. We persevered however, sticking it out until 6pm. Not that we sold anything after about 3:00pm but we were there just in case! The morning started off great with some large print sales. Then Riders of the Light and Rub a’ Dub found new homes and made it a great day. That was most exciting:) Seeing as it is mother’s day weekend I can’t make my report without mentioning some adorable kids that came through. The first was a little boy who informed me that he was 5 and had about ten thousand paintings he had done. I told him that I was 27-so imagine how many paintings he would have when he was my age! I don’t know if the math computed, but that is going to be a lot of paintings (57,000 if the average holds true)!:) Then in a deft move of adorableness he asked if I needed any help selling paintings that day. I would have taken him up on the offer but his mom informed him that he had to get a hair cut that day. So due to routine maintenance I lost out on my 5 year old sales help-darn.

The other moment of adorableness for the day was later in the afternoon. One of the son’s in the family that took home Riders of the Light and Rub a Dub had really loved the big print of my peacock. So an hour or so later he and his mom came back. She told me that he had not stopped talking about the peacock. With some gentle prompting he very politely asked if I still had the print and how much it was. So I gave him the answers and he said he would like to get it. He was very excited to be starting his own art collection. I handed him the print to carry-the 20″x24″ print. So the last glimpse I had was of a peacock walking down the side walk with only a little boy’s huge grin, small feet and carefully grasping hands visible around it.

Sunday was a beautiful mother’s day. I had print sales through out the day and my little “Toadie” found a new home. We were a little slow with break down Sunday afternoon because there were still many people walking around. But we were heading home by 6:30. There was only one load-up mishap. One of my tent weights decided that it wanted to separate as I picked it up to go in the van. As a result I had a 25lb block of cement fall on my big toe. It’s still sore and I will have a bruised nail for awhile but thankfully nothing broke! So thanks Huntersville! Hopefully I will see you again in the fall.


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