Vined Hart

I am going to be featuring a painting every day for the next few days. I post new paintings but I feel like some of my older paintings could use a little extra love.

Vined Hart

This is Vined Hart. It is painted with watercolor over vintage letters and envelops from the 1950’s. The background is slightly textured from the papers in the background. He is such a charming hart-I can see him adding a lot of personality to cabin decor or to adding a bit of whimsy to more formal spaces. He has been custom framed by Lisa’s Custom Framing. I love how the color of the burl wood frame plays off the color of his coat. $425.00 If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or come see him in person-everything looks SO much better in person- at 1220 Ft Bragg Rd, Suite 200B, Fayetteville, NC.

2 thoughts on “Vined Hart

  1. I like the letter for the background but have to wonder. What is the writing in the letter? do they have some relevance to the picture? Great work thanks and keep posting.

    1. Thanks for looking! The letters I use are correspondence letters from the 1950’s. I have been collecting them for a number of years now. The letters usually don’t directly correspond to the paintings, but I use them because I like that they are tangible representations of human relationships. I do whimsical paintings on top so the viewer can stop, smile and maybe change their perspective for a second and then they can look through the painting and appreciate how we interact, think about their own relationships and what is really important in life. So that is my general reason for using the letters. Thanks for asking and hope that answers your question!

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