Asheville Adventures

Well we are back from our sojourn to Asheville! And by we I mean the dogs and I.


Both Saturdays I set up for Asheville Art in the Park in Pack Square.  Solo set ups are not my favorite. I always have to get up earlier because it takes longer-plus my husband usually does all the jobs I hate like putting up sides and awnings, moving the van, carrying things….yeah he is awesome. But I did manage to get everything set up in time. The first Saturday we got sprinkled on for about 5 mins in the morning. But other than that the weather held. I did have a pretty cool view out the front of my tent.

photo 1-8

The back of the tent was another story.

photo 2-6

I love having a trash can with smashed hot dogs, unidentified liquid and ants in my backstage area….But despite the ick inducing trashcan I sold prints through out the day. I also met plenty of cool patrons and got to hang out with some awesome vendors.

My goal for breakdown was just to not be the last person. I didn’t set my goals very high so I could not be too disappointed:) It worked-I think I was the 3rd or 4th to last to leave. Goal met! But the upside to leaving fairly late was the chance to see some pretty clouds on the hour and fifteen minute drive back over the mountains.

photo 4-4

I have posted some of my accomplishments from my art vacation week. The first three days were great! I painted from when I got up until I went to bed, looked at the beautiful scenery and drank a lot of tea.

20140623-094543-35143939.jpg 20140623-094546-35146068.jpg


But apparently sometime in the last year I lost the ability to be myself for days on end and still be happy. I am not sure how I used to work at home alone when my husband was deployed.  But man were the last couple days really really lonely. I had to go to Barnes and Noble and buy another book- a 653 page book- which I finished in two days. So when Saturday rolled around I was happy to go set up for the show. Sorry to my neighbors if I talked their ears off!:)

I sold prints steady all day and was pretty happy with how the two shows turned out. Unfortunately we did get rained on again and this time much closer to breakdown. Which meant the tent was still wet when I got home. So my fence got it’s usual rainy show decorations.

photo 3-8

Breakdown was much quicker this time though thanks to my neighbors who helped. Thanks guys, y’all are awesome!!

Sunday the dogs and I loaded up bright and early and made the trip back home. We enjoyed the trip (for the most part:) ) But we are happy to be home!!

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