Asheville Art Week

Mom, dogs and me all loaded up in the van and headed to Asheville for what was suppose to be two consecutive Art in the Park shows.


The first Saturday was really cold and windy! I had the tent weighted, the walls zip tied and bungied to the tent and all the weight of the paintings on the walls. But we still swayed in the wind gusts! It was a bit harrowing. Unfortunately we didn’t sell much either. At least we had good show neighbors! The second Saturday the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms throughout the day. I am ashamed to say I chickened out and stayed home and painted all day. I was told by those who were there that it only rained about 15mins. Oh well-all I can say is that staying home allowed me to paint for 11 1/2hrs straight and finish up my third painting!

Apart from being able to paint all weekend, it was leaf changing time in the mountains! So we were treated to beautiful scenery (despite the rain) all week.

photo 3-12 photo-57 photo-56 IMG_2273 photo 4-10

It was a great creative week also. I painted until my knuckles were literally sore and a few of my paintbrushes wore out! But I finished three new paintings that I love and am quite proud of! I am still working on a few names but they should be figured out shortly.

Tame Your Fears 20″x24″-sold

photo 1-15

TBD-30″x36″ watercolor over vintage letters from the 1950’s

photo 5-4


TBD-18″x24″ watercolor over vintage letters from the 1950’sphoto 2-13

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