Thanks Charlotte!

Well I had my last show in the Charlotte area for the next couple years. If I have to leave I am definitely leaving on a high note. We had absolutely perfect show weather-PERFECT! Mid 70’s, no rain, no wind. If only all shows could have weather like that.  After many shows of rain and wind I forgot how much easier it is to do shows in nice weather.  Comparatively effortless-well except for the tent wrangling, picture hefting and finger pinching.

Set up was Friday night. I can not express how much I like being able to set up the night before! It means I don’t have to get up at 5am on Saturday. The other good thing about this show is that there are parking spots right in front of where we set up our booths. The problem with that is Birkdale Village is a popular shopping destination-so getting the parking spots in front of your booth spot is difficult. To get around this problem I-get this-parrallel parked my van!! I have never parallel parked. Granted I had someone ground guiding me. That helped immensely. But I refuse to diminish my accomplishment:) After parallel parking I sat in a lawn chair in my soon to be tent site and waited for a car to move. When that finally happened I grabbed my lawn chair, followed the departing car close to the bumper and then deposited said lawn chair in the parking space. I may have gotten some dirty looks but I also got to park in front of my space!

I was able to stay with a friend for this show. So all weekend I was completely spoiled with good food, comfortable room, friendly dogs and good conversation. So after my delicious breakfast Saturday I was able to depart at an hour that included sunshine! I did some last minute tent tweaks and was ready for the day.

The tent.
The tent.

Saturday was a good print selling day. “Adventuring” was the most popular print of the day. I was pleasantly surprised at how popular that painting was. I knew I loved it, but I wasn’t prepared for how much everyone else loved it! My other favorite of the show “Reach for the Leaves” also got a new home.

Reach for the Leaves
Reach for the Leaves


Sunday was a great day too. I sold some prints plus the original “Adventuring” got a great new home!


“The Third Shift” went to a great home that is already full of my work.

Third Shift-
Third Shift

I also got to give some great clients and friends a surprise piece I had been working on for them.

The best parts of the whole weekend however were the many visitors who stopped by to tell me goodbye and good luck in CA. It was humbling and uplifting (and quite tear jerking) to have so many people tell me they came to the show too see me and say bye. So thank you to everyone. I think sometimes we artist-or at least I as an artist tend to wonder if my work (which is essentially myself) is making the impact I hope that it does. Well this weekend showed me  that I have in fact made an impact and even more importantly made friends through my work. For all those Dr. Who fans-it felt a little bit like my own Van Gogh episode. (Van Gogh gets to time travel and see his work in the museum-lots of tears and what not.) So thank you again and I look forward to seeing everyone when I get back!

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