Made it to Monterey!

We have made it! It was a long road with some bumps and bruises, a couple burnt bearings, head winds, ice, snow and a lot of gas stops. But there was also great scenery, pretty sunsets and some adventures to remember and laugh about (now that they are over).

The adventure as a whole isn’t over though. We have decided to live in an Airstream while on this coast. Our 32ft Airstream is at the doctor however getting a few tweaks. So we are currently living in a 23ft toy-hauler-graciously loaned to us by my aunt and uncle. I am actually enjoying living in a small space. It takes a little getting used to but I haven’t missed a full size house yet!:)



I have also found a place to work while living out here. While an Airstream is a great house it just can’t be a house/studio for two people and two dogs. I have joined a really cool organization called Open Ground Studio. It’s a co-op where members can come to work, interact with the community and support each other. I am really looking forward to all the opportunities and especially the camaraderie with other creative people! For me the biggest adjustment will be learning to work out of two cubbies and a flat drawer. But I think it will be a chance to grow and practice the art of flexibility:)


Well this is an incredibly short summary of the past month and a half. But the important parts are all there-we made it, and it’s time to start creating again!

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