Run Forest Run



I usually don’t post about running on my blog. Mostly because I do it infrequently and I am not very good at it. Yesterday’s run however was more of an experience than an exercise. I had just planned on running around the neighborhood-but then I decided to be a little more adventurous and drive to the beach road where I saw people jogging and biking the other day. But I got to the stop light to turn left and decided I was going to go straight. I thought there might be a trail or something closer. I was delighted to discover a public sand beach. So I ditched the shoes, started my running playlist (a combo of hard modern rock and some upbeat dance songs) and took off. It is the only time I have ever wished I was in better shape just so I could run farther. There was sun, surf, sand and shorebirds. The birds usually wouldn’t even fly away, they just shifted around me. I jogged for about 45 mins compared to my usual 20mins. As I was coming up on where my car was parked my favorite sprint songs came on. I love sprinting. I can’t do it for very long-at all-but the rush of running as fast as I can and feeling like I could run forever (before the fatigue sets in) is exhilarating. I have found my new running spot and I think I am going to like this Monterey place:)

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