Creativity vs Making Money?

Being a professional artist creates an odd line to walk between being creative and making money. Sometimes this line is nonexistent and the projects you are inspired to work on also make you money. But what do you do when what you feel most inspired to work on does not readily earn you income?

I have been working on a few larger sketches (which I am happy with) but I am really enjoying the art journaling. I went from working at such a fast pace before we left (closing the business, final shows and paintings) to almost a creative stand still while we were traveling. Right now I feel like I am on a creative vacation-I am still working on projects they are just not very business oriented projects. However I am actually starting to feel guilty that I would rather be working on my journal rather than on a painting I could sell.

So how do I answer that little voice inside my head telling me I am wasting time? Do any of my other professional artist friends occasionally have problems reconciling these issues? Am I being too harsh a creative task-master or am I not being driven enough? I know creation is a finicky process and everything I create is connected. Plus despite the guilt inducing drill sergeant whispering in my head I feel like this art journaling and blogging are necessary for my creative process. So I am going to continue to do a little of both and hope that I find a balance where each project feeds the other!

This weeks art journaling-

SCAN0016 SCAN0017 SCAN0018

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