Toad Illustrations

I have heard over and over again that I should illustrate. It sounded like a great idea but I had never attempted to create one character and stick with it. Each piece I did had different characters, so I was a little or maybe a lot intimidated by the prospect of repetition. I also wanted to illustrate something I wrote before attempting to illustrate someone else’s words.

I had been tossing around the idea of starting a blog about our journey to California and our experiences living in an Airstream. With some encouragement from a friend “The Rivet Hall Review” came into existence. I always thought “it came to me in the shower” was a load of rubbish, well the idea to illustrate my blog actually came to me in the shower. So I guess I have to change my opinion on that one. But the idea to create a character for my blog didn’t come until a few weeks into the project.

My favorite character in one of my favorite paintings “Adventuring” was a little toad with “stripety” shorts. I started this piece before I knew I was moving…for real. I did not know we were going any where when I sketched this piece!

photo 5-4

I loved the spirit of this piece and I thought the toad would be the perfect character to carry over into my blog. So here are my toad-ly illustrations thus far. (I have three of my favorites to debut next week. But I can’t spoil the surprise.) I love him so much!! If you would like to read the words that go with the illustrations please check out

Toad Walking

Toad Diving

New Life

Temperature Taking

Dead MousesCousin Eddy

2 thoughts on “Toad Illustrations

  1. Katie, the blog and illustrations are amazing and wonderful. I love your work and your inspiration Adventuring is a favorite of mine too. So much joy to see these. Looking forward to more.

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