I am still painting!

I apologize for my recent lack of posting! I have been painting though and I am really liking the new paintings! I am having a show at Open Ground Studios in July and I am hoping to have lots of new pieces for the opening!

Here are the three most recent pieces I have finished. They are all done with watercolor over vintage letters from the 1950’s.

Pins of a Feather- 18″x24″

photo-74 copy photo 2-27 photo 1-29 photo 3-21 photo 4-17Here are some detail shots

This is “The Sea Sovereign” 18″x24″

photo-73 copy
Here are some detailsphoto-75 photo 5-6 copy

photo 2-25 copy

photo 4-14 copy photo 3-19 copy

This is “The Regatta.”  18″x24″

photo 5-7

photo 1-27 photo 2-25 photo 3-19 photo 3-20 photo 4-14 photo 5-6Here are some details. The characters in this one are awesome, if I do say so myself:)

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