Abstract Backgrounds, Concrete Characters

I have ventured in a new artistic direction the last couple months. After the opening for my show the crazy creative frenzy of work was over and I was confronted with the scariest moment of the post creative outpouring: the blank page. AHHHH!!!!! So in an effort to defeat this frightening white abyss I drew a squiggly line. Once that was done I proceeded to turn the line into a character…and off I went down an abstract road. I started with the white backgrounds and moved to colorful mixed media backgrounds.

And then as I gazed at a characterless mixed media background I thought that it looked like a stormy sea and decided to paint a character to match the background.

The Fishermouse

This was new and a little scary for many reasons. The biggest reason is that it had me drawing and painting directly on to a background, not sketching and collaging and painting in different steps. This left little room for mistakes. But the years of practice have finally paid off and I feel the need to erase less and less! And one fantastic little mouse has turned into a whole new body of work! Each abstract background is painted with attention to color and shape. I do not have an idea of what they will turn into. Once the abstracts are done I look and think until I find the characters that are suppose to be in the abstracted worlds. This is some of my favorite work!! These are bound for galleries soon, so if you are interesting in any of them let me know. Once they go to the galleries I have no control over them. Thanks!

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