Needle Felt Sculptures

I haven’t made any three dimensional art in a few years and I didn’t realize how much I have missed mixing in sculpture with my painting endeavors. I worked mostly with polymer clay in the past. But worries about it’s safety, as well as not particularly enjoying having clay coated hands all the time, I have branched out. My new medium of choice is needle felted wool!

This process is pretty unique, and very time consuming. Each piece starts will wool roving and batting that is then sculpted by poking the wool with a special barbed “felting” needle. The needle pulls the fibers through each other until they “felt” together. The only sewing involved are the bead eyes and buttons. Everything else is done by poking the wool.

My goal is to sculpt 3D versions of my painted characters. Soft, fuzzy, felty versions with just as much character as their 2D counterparts. I think I am off to a pretty good start if I do say so myself!

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