California Here I Come!!!!


Soar On

Hey Everyone!!

So I have a big announcement for this humble Monday morning.  I will be going to Monterey, California the last week of April. After looking for a new printer for many months I have decided I will continue to work with my printer in Monterey. His quality is unparalleled and I am unable to fathom selling anything less than what I think is an amazing print.

This will mean a few changes to my turn around times; both for originals and prints.

Change #1- I will have to keep my originals longer. They will be available to purchase as always, but I will not be able to deliver them/ship them until they have been photographed. Which may be up to a period of 6 months.

Change #2-It will be longer until I have prints available of new pieces.

Change #3-I will be accepting pre-purchases for prints. This will help me front the cost of larger print orders as well as have a better idea how many initial purchases to make.

Bonus #1-All my CA customers will have a few chances a year to come pick things up and save on shipping! I will be working with Open Ground Studios as my home base for these trips and would be happy to meet people there! I will also be stopping in the wonderful “Cheryl Watts  Pottery & Gallery” who carries my work all year round. So please please come say hi while I am in town!

I appreciate your continued support and understanding as I strive to bring you the highest quality and also most cost effective product I can.

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