New Products?

Hey Everyone!

I am once again trying to find new products with which to expand my brand. I am looking into screen printed products such as tote bags, tea towels and t-shirts. I am trying to do some market research before investing in the endeavor to see if it’s something people would be interested in. It wouldn’t be as extensive as my print line and would start out with only a few pieces available. The products will be high quality, made with quality inks and processes.

I am thinking of using Soar On as a t-shirt design, The Bellhop as a tote bag image and March On for tea towels. Any thoughts?

12 thoughts on “New Products?

  1. Hi Katie, I need to think a bit to answer your questions, but I was wondering if you have sold the original of the bellhop. I’ve been thinking about him.

    Thanks! Suky


    1. Thanks! I do have a few rabbit options. I currently have prints of a rabbit and turtle playing tug of war, a rabbit with socks called “Ties that bind” and a hot air balloon with a rabbit in it called “Up and Away.”

  2. I love the idea of tea towels. Personally I think a vertical image works best on them and is more common. Also, have you considered making notepads or calendars?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions on the towels. I hadn’t thought about the vertical vs horizontal images. Thanks! I have been thinking about some form of stationary line as well. So I will keep you posted!

  3. I love the idea of tea towels. Also love The Bellhop. Wish you could offer a few images for choices.
    Any NC visits in your future? Miss y’all!

    1. Thanks for the impute!! I have to order a large number of each different image because it’s screen printing and each set up has a minimum order. But if there is enough interest I wouldn’t mind offering options!! I don’t know when I will be getting down to NC but I will let you know. We miss you guys!!

  4. I’m a huge fan of this idea! Bellhop and Split Level would both make cute tote bag prints. And I love your choice for tea towels! Looking forward to seeing how you express your lines. What size will the totes be?

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