Hi Everyone. I have something I would like to share about this piece. It is a piece about loss and more specifically a piece about my personal loss. I had a miscarriage this month. (I am physically doing just fine, no physical damage or lasting effects.) I drew this piece a few hours after the doctors appointment where we found out there was no longer a heart beat and that the pregnancy would shortly end in miscarriage. I painted it during my recovery from the D&C surgery I needed because my body hadn’t naturally miscarried. I have debated sharing the reason behind this piece, mostly for fear of the misinterpretation of motives. I am not looking to garner sympathy or do any kind of preaching. But I felt like sharing this piece and its meaning might bring comfort to others. One, because I found out early miscarriage is fairly common and there just isn’t much dialogue about it. And as someone who gained a lot of comfort from dialogue about the experience I wanted to put my money where my mouth was and talk about it the best way I know how-through art. And secondly, as an artist people are always asking where my inspiration comes from and I want to be truthful about my answers. I always say I find inspiration everywhere. And I mean it. I don’t just find inspiration in happy moments. In my artist statement I say that I believe art’s power is in its ability to make others see. So I make a choice to address issues in a way that offers comfort not just replicates the problem in another form. I love this little mouse. It makes me sad, it makes me hopeful, it makes me say goodbye, it makes me smile- all at the same time. So if I can offer someone else going through this loss a moment where they can smile through the tears then I want to do that. I am keeping this painting for myself, but I will be having prints made because I want to share this little mouse as much as it needs to be. I will be donating a percentage of the proceeds of any print sales to to St Jude.


2 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Katie, I follow you because I purchased Sir Basil from you at the Seagrove pottery festival and came to love you and your work. I am so sorry for your loss. Our journeys are filled with so many heartaches and joys but all of us carry on down our path. May you be blessed as you walk forward. Thank you for your sharing. Pam Hoiting

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