Show Time!! Opening Reception Tomorrow!

It’s been an exciting week to say the least!

On Monday morning I was on CBS 6’s “Virginia This Morning,” talking about my upcoming show and demonstrating needle felting. If you didn’t get to see the segment click on the link below.

Felting sculptures and watercolor creations

Monday afternoon I dropped off all my art for my show “Tall Tales and Felted Fables.” It’s a little nerve racking driving around with over a year’s worth of work in the van.

We only had one transportation casualty. But a little ant rehab had him up and ready to get redelivered on Tuesday.

We are also moving to NC this week, so the rest of my time has been spent packing, sorting and loading the van back up. So don’t mind me…zzzz

But the point of all of this is that the opening reception for my show is TOMORRROW!!! From 6-8 pm at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. I would love to see everyone!

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