Another Move!

It’s been a whirlwind couple weeks. I had my TV debut, the opening of my show “Tall Tales and Felted Fables,” had a number of Felties find new homes AANNNDDD


Moved. The day after my show.


I will miss everyone in Richmond! But don’t worry I will be back for shows and exhibitions. So you can’t get rid of me to easily. I am happy to be back in Fayetteville though. We lived here for many years before moving a bit. So it’s like coming back to our second home.

I will have an awesome home/garage studio—-when it’s done. At the moment all my work stuff is still in boxes.


We are waiting to have windows put in the new studio, and after that I am hoping to get back to work. But it will be awhile. So if you need anything, just know my turn around time is much longer than normal. I am hoping that within two weeks I can at least find my prints/paper/pencils/paints. You know all the stuff I need. But until then I just ask everyone to bare with me!


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