Settling In

Settling in is a long process. It seems to go in stages. You get one room settled and then in gets cluttered up as you work on another. But eventually everything will find it’s place! Some of my art stuff is finding it’s place. The garage studio conversion is going to take longer than originally planned. So in the mean time I have moved into one of the spare bedrooms. While it is…ummm smaller….than what I was coming from,

it’s already been a nice space, once I got it cleaned up that is.

It’s a nice reminder that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s the work that matters most! And I have been able to pick up my pencils and paintbrushes.

I even have my work available at my favorite new spot in Fayetteville, Leclaire’s General Store!

It has been a pretty good couple weeks so far, and it’s only going to get better!

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