Pictures of Pictures!

I finally took some good pictures of my paintings from the past couple of months. They look much better than the preliminary iphone photos! I am planning on posting a new picture everyday until, well until I have no more to post:) So this is the first one! Otis the Otter-14″x11″ watercolor painting over vintageContinue reading “Pictures of Pictures!”

Birds in the Snow

We had a small snow shower last week. The very pretty, but melts soon kind that causes very few inconveniences:) But I could not resist taking some photos of the birds that were swarming around my bird feeder. I might have had to stand in the snow for 30-40mins with a cold, wearing pajamas andContinue reading “Birds in the Snow”

Pet Portrait of Hugo

I have shied away from doing pet portraits. Ok I have refused to do any portraits. I don’t think of myself as much of a portraiture artist. It makes me nervous to portray someone so beloved as a family pet. (I can’t handle the pressure!:)  But…I was dog sitting for a good friend of mineContinue reading “Pet Portrait of Hugo”

Happy Elephant

I am still working on my furniture series. I will have some better pictures of them soon. I am quite happy with the way the series is turning out. I took a little break this morning from the acrylic paint and broke out the watercolors for a little baby shower card.  I think he isContinue reading “Happy Elephant”


Chickens. They may be winged and feathered but make no mistake they are not your average birds. These birds of the barn yard may not fly, may not tweet or sing beautiful songs but do not under estimate their beauty and character. After spending many hours photographing in the chicken tent at this years stateContinue reading “Chickens”