Bloomer of the Day

#79- Have you ever wondered how a morning-glory knows when it’s time to wake up? Science may say it has something to do with the sun’s rays and photosynthasis…but that’s only because they are too narrow-minded to recognize the real reason. In all actuality it is because Bloomingstacker #79 has taken it upon himself toContinue reading “Bloomer of the Day”

New Work!

I have been sculpting up a storm the past week or so. So much so I haven’t taken the time to properly photograph everything I have been working on. But I did take a few snap shots so I could post some of it. I made twelve new Bloomingtstackers and…. I have started a new line. I am calling them BloomingstackerContinue reading “New Work!”

Studio on a rainy afternoon

So it was a grey, rainy afternoon outside the studio window. But inside, me and the flip-flop (my dog) were just enjoying the creepily cool light. I was listening to a book on cd while making Bloomingstackers, she was mostly listening to herself snore. But we had a good time.

Christmas Bloomingstacker

I made a couple special Bloomingstackers for Christmas presents this year. I made one for my parents and one for a special family friend. I of course forgot to take pictures of them before I gave them away. But my parents sent me a couple of pictures of him.   They have been the only peopleContinue reading “Christmas Bloomingstacker”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

  Bloomingstacker #73 was never the teacher’s pet. He may be wearing the teachers favorite fruit but he was quite the class clown during Bloomingstacker school. He would tell jokes during class and would always say that the worms ate his homework. Which might have been true because Worm would give him the answers forContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

 Bloomingstacker #72 Bloomingstacker #72 loves the forest. He never tires of looking at the twisting limbs and twiggly branches. There are always so many fabulous new shapes to find while tramping through the woods. He has quite the imagination too. He finds as many fantastical scenes in the limbs as others find while watching theContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

oops-just posted the wrong Bloomingstacker…Here is the new one! This is Bloomingstacker #71. He may look quite old, but don’t be fooled. He is REALLY old. Much older than he looks. But all that time has just served as a temperamental tumbler. It has knocked off any rough edges he might have had. Now nothingContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

 Bloomingstacker #66 is quite the festive character. She is not content to let only the trees and houses get decked out for the holidays. Instead she turns herself in a walking demonstration of good cheer. She makes her unique head dresses every year with petals the flowers are no longer using. She sews and sewsContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

Bloomingstacker #69  Hello. I am Bloomgingstacker #69. It’s nice to meet you. How do you like my hat? I know it’s not the most refined looking hat, but I am just not into finery. I would much rather have a comfy cozy hat that I can do anything in. And this one does a goodContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

Bloomingstacker #70 #70-Hi, I am Bloomingstacker #70! I hope you are having a good day. I certainly am. Every day I get to hang out with my good buddy Snail is a good day. I hope you like snails. But I don’t know why you wouldn’t. They are always friendly. Plus their antennas are soContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”